Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine optimisation



Search Engine Optimisation for websites is a method of optimising your website, whereby your ‘key words’ or ‘key phrases’, that someone might submit to a search query, are given greater prominence and therefore the site is deemed more important or relevant than your competitor’s.

When a Search engine ‘robot’ visits your site, to index, it doesn’t see the ‘wonderful’ graphics and ‘flashiness’ that you see in your browser window. It actually reads the html coding for the page and indexes it according to the text.

It used to be sufficient to just include ‘meta tag’ information in the <head> of the page, but now, due to the amount of websites, it is also necessary to ‘author’ the page, in order to get to the top.

With the number of people now on-line and accessing the www. like a glorified 'Yellow Pages', it has become essential that your site be optimised, in order to get to the top of the list.

Put it this way, out of the hundreds of thousands of sites involved in website design, you have found this site. This is not a fluke, as this website has been optimised to be search engine 'friendly'. Now, click on the 'Web', below, to find out how a website can be designed for you, that will also get found.