Website Design Prices

Website design prices



Website design prices are split into 5 sections :-

  • Domain name registration

  • Designing website

  • Search Engine optimisation & submission

  • Virtual server hosting

  • Future maintenance

Domain name registration prices are an annual cost, and                    £10                                       £15
.com  .net  .info  .biz  .org         £35
.name                                        £40
.tv                                              £60
Designing the site   Itís impossible to determine a fixed cost until I know your requirements. However, a basic site would cost in the region of £50 per page to create, with all the text and graphics supplied to me, electronically. Where custom graphics are required, this would go up to £75 per page. Banners can be made, to your specifications, from £50.
In excess of 10 pages, the page price would be reduced by 20%.
All sites will include a tracker on the index page, to monitor number of visitors & where they have come from, etc..
Search Engine optimisation & submission    Relevant pages that are required to be optimised for search engines will cost a further £50 per page. In most instances, it will be sufficient to just optimise the index page. However, you might have a lot of key words and decide that it would be better to optimise internal pages, individually, as well. Once completed, the site is submitted to the most important search engines and directories, at no further charge.
Should you already have a website, that no-one can find, and would like it optimised, then I would do so for £100 per page.
Virtual server hosting   This is an annual cost, which includes 20 e-mail addresses, 100Mb of disc space and 5Gb of data transfer.                £60
Future maintenance   The cost for this would depend upon what was required, but I am quite prepared to monitor, amend and develop the site, as time goes on.